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Listen to Espressivo

Zadok the Priest, GF Handel, December 2021

"I was thrilled to receive Espressivo's recording of my composition 'When lilacs last in the dooryard bloom'd.' The warmth and clarity of their sound immediately caught my attention, as it was very like the sound I envisioned when composing the work, and their sensitivity to both music and text prove that this ensemble is aptly named."

-Ethan McGrath

/ Composer of When Lilacs Last in the Dooryard Bloom'd

"Thank you to John Wayne Weatherspoon and his ensemble Espressivo Inc. for giving my piece "Brezairola" a rare outing - lovely singing of this rather strange little piece I wrote for the album Sensation."

-Micheal McGlynn

/ Composer of Brezairola

"Quality music expressed with warmth, color, and light. Be sure to make time for Espressivo! The concerts are cheaper than therapy and just as effective." 

-Ruth Buchanan

/ Published Author and Columnist

"Espressivo invites the senses to awaken and feel the infinite beauty of choral music."

-Katharine Yarbrough

/ Vocalist

"Exquisite harmonies and vocal fluidity."

-Jan Markham

"Each selection was exceptional, and together a silver ribbon of events was created.  Often my eyes were closed listening to your voices weave the notes... it was truly an experience of time apart."

-Jean Porochonski

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